Votive Candles

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Poured Votive Candles

These are hand poured, solid colored, highly scented votive candles available in a lot of different fragrances. We also make ivory and white unscented votive candles which are great for decorating around food or for guests. These votive candles will burn for approximately 15 hours when used in a votive holder just a little larger than the candles. The larger the diameter of the votive cup, the faster the candles will burn. Our poured votive candles are 2" tall, 1.75" across the top, 1.5" across the bottom. We pack 12 of the same votive candles per box. Always burn a votive candle in a votive holder because they are designed to liquefy all the way across the top. These votives are hand crafted in the U.S.A using paraffin wax, a paper core wick, and a blend of synthetic and essential fragrance oils.

101 Fragrances to choose from:

Votive Descriptions

Men's scents are Redwood Cedar, Blue Christmas, Midsummer Night, Leather Pipe and Woods, Tuscan Herb.

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