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Flameless LED 3 Piece Color Change Candle Set

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Flameless LED 3 Piece Color Change Candle Set

This 4 piece color changing remote control LED pillar candle set is stunning. The 3 vanilla scented pillar candles are each controlled by a 32 button remote giving you a huge selection of settings to use. The candle uses an LED with a realistic flickering glow that looks beautiful in low light. The pillar candles each use 3 AAA batteries which are included. With the remote control you have the options to turn the candles on/off, change the brightness between low and high, set the candles to a 4 or 8 hour timer, set the LED to flicker or still, turn the color mode to rotate through all the colors, or choose to set them to any one of the 24 available colors, start your car, or launch the space shuttle... just kidding on those last two options. You can even set each candle to a different setting as long as you make sure the remote signal is only reaching 1 candle at a time. Produc Specs:

Power: 3 AAA size, included
indoor use
Size: 3 in. diameter x 4, 5, 6 in. tall
32 button remote control
Prices: 4 piece set
Material: real wax

Ship From PA
3-5 Days Delivery