Delicious Cabernet Wine

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Delicious Cabernet

Itu2019s cool, itu2019s Californian, itu2019s classic. A 2011 Regalo Valley Ranch Cabernet Sauvignon wine paired with Sonoma Jack Cheese, California Delicious sourdough crackers and California Delicious chocolate chip cookies. Sprinkled with sunshine and some West Coast style, this simply elegant gift is sure to bring a smile. The perfect gift for family, friends or to say thanks to a colleague

Regalo Valley Ranch 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon- 750 ml
Sonoma Jack Cheese- 4 oz
California Delicious Three Cheese Sourdough Crackers- 2 oz
California Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies- 2oz
Ships from CA 2 - 6 day delivery
Ships Standard Ground
This product contains alcohol