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CA Craft Beer Fest Gift

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CA Craft Beer Fest Gift

For the discerning beer drinker, send this great gift of California Craft beer for any special occasion. Perfect for birthdays, thank you or just to say hello, surprise them with six different beers from California's finest breweries so they can compare and contrast. Presented in a natural wood tray, they will enjoy along with Heidi's made in California salsa and fresh and crispy California tortilla chips. Tied with a colorful bow.

1- Big Daddy Beer, 12 oz
1- Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, 12 oz.
1- Bear Republic Beer, 12 oz.
1- Anchor Cal Lager, 12 oz.
1- Anderson IPA, 12 oz.
1- Ballast Point, 12 oz.
1- Salsa, Medium, 16 oz.
1- Tortilla Chips, 14 oz.

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