Kids Blast Deluxe Activity Care Package

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Kids Blast Deluxe Activity Care Package

Looking for a sure fire way to brighten their day? The Kids Blast Deluxe Activity Care Package is filled to the top with fun filled favorites. ( Not intended for children under the age of 6) The side of this unique care package is stamped with our trademark seal 'Because We Care' care package.

Check snacks mix
Side Show food shaped gummy candies
Suduko puzzle book
Riddle and Puzzle activity book
Twizzlers red vines licorice
Glow Sticks
Pringles chips
Ritz Bits cheese filled crackers
Cracker Jacks
Hawaiian Fruit Punch drink mixes
Mini Oreo cookies
Fruit Roll Ups The original mini Slinky
Nestle crunch chocolate bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Mini Chips Ahoy cookies
Microwave popcorn
Skittles fruit flavored candies
Kids card game (like crazy 8's, go fish or hearts)
Squishy Smiley face stress ball
Squishy putty

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